LED Video Corner with LED Video Floor, 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 m

Price includes:
  • LED video walls with highest picture quality (P2.5), mirror floor
  • Installation, on-site support during 6-8 hours, dismantling
  • Playing a video background with your logo, or your video
  • Photo lighting for better shoots
  • Music background for fun
  • Transportation (Dubai: free; other Emirates: 200-350 AED)

Photo\video services (photobooth or videographer etc) are highly recommended to get this result Select them as additional options below for very discounted prices from our partner.

Hostess (European\Arab) inviting guests to LED video corner is recommended when shooting is done by your team or by guests\visitors themselves, and will be arranged for 100 AED/h.
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