LED Video Corner Rental

Video content around you for amazing video and photo shoots.

For all types of events.

What is LED Video Corner

It is an attractive welcome area for photo / video shooting at any event.

Applications on events:
  1. Backdrop for video shooting
Our videographer is shooting every guest for 5-10 sec, and they instantly get amazing branded videos with effects and music in their mailboxes
2. Photobooth backdrop
Guests inside LED video corner take photos by using our photo stand, and they instantly get branded photos with different & vibrant backgrounds!
3. Backdrop for photo shooting
Professional photographer shoots guests inside LED video corner with changed backgrounds. Option: photo print-outs or photo magnets on event
4. Part of exhibition's booth
LED video corner with a mirror or video floor is very eye catching.
It can form a small booth or be a part of a big booth at an exhibition


LED video corner sample on a conference with a man
LED video screen corner, with blue video background
Sample of LED screen corner, with a video background
Sample of LED screen corner, on a corporate party
Sample of LED video walls forming a corner on a brand event
Branded video made by us at LED video corner at event
Process of shooting in LED video corner on conference
LED video corner with sample flame video, in Abu-Dhabi
LED screen corner with animated video of guests on a corporate party in Dubai
Branded video outcome for guests in LED video corner at corporate event
LED video wall corner sample with photographer
LED video corner sample on a conference with a man
Photobooth with LED video corner at corporate event in Dubai making branded photos
LED video wall corner with blue background
Sample of LED video corner with animated video background
LED screen corner on a corporate event in UAE
Gorgeous couple at university event on red carpet video made by LED video corner
Branded video for visitors in LED video corner at corporate event in Dubai
Branded photo made by photobooth with LED video corner as background at corporate event in UAE
LED screen corner with animated video of guests on a corporate party in Abu-Dhabi
Sample of videos played in LED screens corner at product activation event in Dubai

Videos from events with LED video corner

Overview of LED video corner with photobooth
Visitors are getting emotions, interaction with the brand and GIF file at the end
LED Video Corner with videographer! Guests are having fun!
Guests are posing and having fun to have photo shoots by friends and videographer

Features of LED video corner

  • Video branding
    5-10 attractive videos backgrounds with your brand \ text are made by us for free, or your video(s) can be played!
  • Event's videos & photos spreading
    Guests take wow photos & videos (by themselves or by our team), save them and share to friends and in social media
  • Take-away branded video or photo options
    4 branded options for guests' memories: videos (normal or 360°), animated GIF or printed photos. Ready within 1 min!
  • Wow-effect and point of attraction
    Bright vibrant animation attracts all guests around to have a look, to try and to recommend to others!

Prices and options

Different sizes; mirror floor or video floor; with or without ceiling; with your or our videographer


LED Video Corners fit most types of events:
Corporate events
Main magnet point for guests! Videographer (if opted) advises a guest how to take a pose\move, in 1 min guest gets the branded video result on email
Used as welcome or entertainment area, with names of a couple on videos played. If needed, 360 spinner, photo booth or videographer are added
Gala dinner
Unforgettable welcome area and\or entertainment part of event. Guests get photos\video on different backgrounds: stars, red carpet, golden sparkles etc
Can be a heart of an event where all guests will get unforgettable emotions and photo\video content
Exhibitions and conferences
Can be an exhibition booth or its part. Depending on options selected and videos played, it can be a great brand promotion with memories for visitors!
Product activations
Bright branded corner will attract visitors, and they will share in social media their videos with your brand on a background, promoting your product
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