LED Screen 6 x 3.5 meters (273")

This LED screen supports any video format and resolution, which can be played
through USB, laptop or live signal (TV, camera etc).
If required, a standard background video with effects and with your animated text\logo can be prepared free of cost from our side.

The price includes everything:

  • LED screen installation on any flat surface, incl. supports for ground installation or bars for suspension (except hoist, trusses);
  • Transportation within Dubai (free; fuel surcharge for other Emirates);
  • Support by our technician on site during whole work time;
  • Background video loop with your logo or text (inform us in advance).
  • Dismantling of LED screen;

For any clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us.

Viewing distance for LED screen with pitch P3.9 should be 4 (minimum) to 8 meters (optimum) between screen and audience, otherwise pixels (dots) might be seen. Please ensure that viewing distance is more than 4 meters and/or video content quality is not very important.

Screen can be installed standing on\above surface or suspended.

Frequency rate: 3840 Hz

Contrast ratio: 5000:1

Cabinets quantity for screen: 60

Diagonal: 247" (inches)

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