LED Screen 6 x 3.5 meters (273")

The LED screen is good for exhibition, small concerts, ceremonies and other types of events.

The LED screen supports any video format and resolution, which can be played
through USB drive, file; or live signal (TV etc).

Rental screen price include everything required:
  • Installation on any flat surface, including frame supports for ground installation or bars for suspension (excluding hoist, trusses);
  • Accessories including Novastar video processors (main and back-up), controllers, cabling, laptop etc.
  • Transportation within Dubai (free; fuel surcharge for other Emirates);
  • Support on site by our operator or technician during whole time;
  • Background video loop with your logo or text (inform us in advance).
  • Dismantling of LED screen;
For any clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us.

LED screen with pitch P3.9 can be rented with standard resolution. Viewing distance is 4 (min.) to 8 meters (optimum) between screen and audience, otherwise dots might be seen. For applications indoor and outdoor at any time, brightness is ≥4500 nit.
Good choice when viewing distance is more than 4 meters and video content quality is not very important or when event is under the sunlight.

Both video screen types can be flat or curved (free of cost), standing or hanging (standard metal supports are provided for free, but trusses and hoists are at separate charge)

Frequency rate: 3840 Hz

Contrast ratio: 5000:1

Cabinets quantity for screen: 60

Diagonal (inches): 273

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