85" LED TV Screen 4K, landscape (horizontal) oriented

Price includes:
  • Transportation (within Dubai city),
  • Installation, cabling and taping works; dismantling,
  • LED TV screen rental with remote control and USB drive,
  • Wheel stand (or wall mount bracket if required),
  • Power extension 5m by default (20m\50m if needed, for free),
  • HDMI cable 1m by default (2m\8m\25m if required, for free),
  • 1 hour support by our technician after setup is done, if required,
  • Support on the phone and on call arrival by technician 24/7
Other Emirates: +200/300/400 AED per vehicle
(all prices are excluded of 5% VAT)

Display: 4K UHD (3840x2160 px), HDR 10+.
Dimensions: diagonal 2.16 m (85"); W 1.9 m (74.4"), H 1.08 m (42.5"); the screen on the wheel stand can reach 2.1 m height (landscape), adjustable height,
Sound: Dolby 2.1 CH, output 40 W, connectivity to ext. speakers,
Color: black support and back side, titan grey thin frame,
Connectivity: HDMI, USB, AV, optic, ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
Other: Smart TV, screen mirroring, Samsung brand, max power 0.25 kW.

NB: civil\drilling works for wall mount to be done by civil\joinery contractor. Wall mount for TV screen can be screwed to the walls not thinner than 12mm, only to wooden base material (MDF/Plywood/Wood). Other wall materials or thinner than 12mm are not accepted for fixation of wall mounts.
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