LED TV Screen 65", 4K, portrait (vertical) oriented

Price includes:
  • Transportation (within Dubai city),
  • Installation, cabling and taping works; dismantling,
  • LED TV screen rental with remote control and USB drive,
  • Wheel stand (or wall mount bracket if required),
  • Power extension 5m by default (20m\50m if needed, for free),
  • HDMI cable 1m by default (2m\8m\25m if required, for free),
  • 1 hour support by our technician after setup is done, if required,
  • Support on the phone and on call arrival by technician 24/7,
Other Emirates: +200/300/400 AED per vehicle
(all prices are excluded of 5% VAT)

Display: 4K UHD (3840x2160 px), HDR 10+
Dimensions: diagonal 1.65 m (65"); width 1.45 m (57"), height 0.83 m (32.5"); the screen on the wheel stand reaches 2.3 m height
Sound: Dolby 2.1 CH, output 40 W, connectivity to ext. speakers
Color: black support and back side, titan grey thin frame,
Connectivity: HDMI, USB, AV, optic, ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
Other features: Smart TV, screen mirroring, Samsung brand, max power 0.25 kW

NB: wall mount for TV to be screwed to walls not thinner than 12mm by civil\joinery contractor from Client's side, only to wooden-base material (MDF/Plywood/Wood). Other wall materials or thinner than 12mm are not suitable for handling of TV weight.
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